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    Allround Scaffolding
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    • Allround Scaffolding
    • Allround Scaffolding
    • Allround Scaffolding
Product Details

Model No: RS-S

Product Name:  Allround Scaffolding System


1. Standard: Made of 48mm O.D. x 3.2mm thickness high grade steel tube, 1 discal leg 0.5meter, Length: 3000, 2500, 2000, 1500, 1000, 500mm etc. Available, and can be to ordered by you,

2. Ledger: Made of 48mm O.D. x 3.2mm thickness high grade steel tube, length: 730mm/ 1090mm/ 1400mm/ 1570mm/ 2070mm/ 2570mm/ 3070mm, length can be ordered.

3. Ring: Made from cast-steel or pressed steel

4. Ledger connection-peg: made from cast-steel,

5. Base screw jack: length 600mmx3.5mm thickness strength tube, length to be order, solid tube available.

6. U head screw jack: length600mmx3.5mmthickness strength tube with U head plate, length can to be order, solid tube available.

7. Surface: painted/electro (hot dipped) galvanized or to be order

8. Also can manufacture it as your requirement.



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