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    Steel Shoring Prop With Outside Thread
  • Model:FP-O
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    • Steel Shoring Prop With Outside Thread
Product Details

Acrow Prop are designed and manufactured to fully satisfy the requirements of the Formwork Code.They provide excellent temporary support and are economical, easy and quick to erect.

Product Name: Steel Shoring Prop With Outside Thread
Model Number: FP-O

Item NumberWork Range (mm)Outer Tube (mm)Inner Tube (mm)Top & Base PlateSurfaceWeight (kg)
11102900mm Min.--1500mm Max.φ57x2.0 (Q345)φ48.3x2.0 (Q345)120x120x5.0mmPaint7.76
111982900mm Min.--1500mm Max.φ57x2.0 (Q345)φ48.3x2.0 (Q345)120x120x5.0mmHot dipped galvanized8.54
111031200mm Min.--2000mm Max.φ57x2.0 (Q345)φ48.3x2.0 (Q345)120x120x5.0mmPaint9.27
1119831200mm Min.--2000mm Max.φ57x2.0 (Q345)φ48.3x2.0 (Q345)120x120x5.0mmHot dipped galvanized10.20
117291540mm Min.--2500mm Max.φ57x2.3 (Q345)φ48.3x2.3 (Q345)120x120x4.0mmPaint11.76
11729IV1540mm Min.--2500mm Max.φ57x2.3 (Q345)φ48.3x2.3 (Q345)120x120x4.0mmHot dipped galvanized12.94
117301872mm Min.--3000mm Max.φ57x2.3 (Q345)φ48.3x2.3 (Q345)120x120x6.0mmPaint13.79
11730IV1872mm Min.--3000mm Max.φ57x2.3 (Q345)φ48.3x2.3 (Q345)120x120x6.0mmHot dipped galvanized15.17
117312072mm Min.--3500mm Max.φ57x2.3 (Q345)φ48.3x2.3 (Q345)120x120x6.0mmPaint15.24
11731IV2072mm Min.--3500mm Max.φ57x2.3 (Q345)φ48.3x2.3 (Q345)120x120x6.0mmHot dipped galvanized16.76
117322372mm Min.--4000mm Max.φ57x2.3 (Q345)φ48.3x2.3 (Q345)120x120x6.0mmPaint16.64
11732IV2372mm Min.--4000mm Max.φ57x2.3 (Q345)φ48.3x2.3 (Q345)120x120x6.0mmHot dipped galvanized18.30
1172911540mm Min.--2500mm Max.φ57x2.6 (Q345)φ48.3x2.6 (Q345)120x120x6.0mmPaint13.20
117291IV1540mm Min.--2500mm Max.φ57x2.6 (Q345)φ48.3x2.6 (Q345)120x120x6.0mmHot dipped galvanized14.52
1173012072mm Min.--3500mm Max.φ57x2.6 (Q345)φ48.3x2.6 (Q345)120x120x6.0mmPaint14.98
117301IV2072mm Min.--3500mm Max.φ57x2.6 (Q345)φ48.3x2.6 (Q345)120x120x6.0mmHot dipped galvanized16.48
1173212372mm Min.--4000mm Max.φ57x2.6 (Q345)φ48.3x2.6 (Q345)120x120x6.0mmPaint18.80
117321IV2372mm Min.--4000mm Max.φ57x2.6 (Q345)φ48.3x2.6 (Q345)120x120x6.0mmHot dipped galvanized20.68


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