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Galvanized Steel Facade Scaffolding System
Galvanized Steel Facade Scaffolding System

Galvanized Steel Facade Scaffolding System

● High Grade Steel takes heavy loading capacity, get to 6.6kN.
● Special design for facad using, easy installation, less labour force, economic cost.
● More items for more possibilities.
● Aluminium facade scaffolding system can be customized.
Product Detail

Model No: YYFAD

Model Name: Galvanized Steel Facade Scaffolding System For Construction Use


1. Made of high strength steel or aluminium tube and pofile
2. Including: Assembly Frame, guardrail, diagonal brace, scaffolding deck, base plate, toe board etc.

3. With a few basic elements and a few basic operations, this FACADE SCAFFOLDING will provide you at lightning speed with a safe foundation for any job. It has been the leading frame scaffolding on the Europea market now, and with this unbeatably fast yet strong and safe system you can cope with almost every requirement. FACADE SCAFFOLDING can be used profitably both for scaffolding work and for building trades thanks to its versatile and well-thought-out parts range.

4. With only 6 basic elements, this classical Facade Scaffolding is assembled in no time at all. The system is extendable with lots of logical extension possibilities

5. Also can manufacture it as your requirement

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