Features and Advantages of Galvanized Steel Scaffolding Plank in Construction
 Dec 14, 2022|View:492

With the development of society, scaffolding provides construction workers with a temporary platform on which to work. It is most commonly used for building erection or cleaning, lighting maintenance, equipment maintenance, etc. Galvanized Steel Scaffolding Planks have replaced the traditional wooden and bamboo scaffolding plates with their advantages and have become the new favorites of the industry. With various specifications, they can satisfy the needs of various construction sites and greatly improve construction efficiency.

Steel Scaffolding Plank

1. The characteristics of galvanized Steel Scaffolding Plank.

(1) galvanized Steel Scaffolding Plank utilization rate is high, the application period is long, easy equipment disassembly is convenient, do waste can still pay the waste disposal fee;

(2) galvanized Steel Scaffolding Plank unique row of convex hole depiction to relieve the weight while playing a non-slip, anti-deformation. Both sides of the I-beam depiction enhance the color fastness and compressive strength, anti-sand accumulation, but also to make its appearance unique and durable;

(3) The unique appearance of galvanized Steel Scaffolding Plank design depicts that it is easy to tie and equipment, leisurely deposited neat and tidy;

(4) galvanized Steel Scaffolding Plank using carbon structural steel cold-drawn production, according to the hot dip galvanizing technology, the application life of 5-8 years up and down;

(5) the application of galvanized Steel Scaffolding Plank has become a development trend in countries around the world, greatly improving the engineering qualifications of enterprises.

2. The advantages of galvanized Steel Scaffolding Plank in construction.

Galvanized Steel Scaffolding Plank has fire safety, anti-sand accumulation, lightweight, corrosion resistance, alkali resistance, and high tensile strength, convex and concave holes on the surface, hole position flush forming standard, beautiful and elegant appearance design, durable, the bottom of the unique sand leakage hole processing technology to play a role in anti-sand accumulation effect, especially suitable for shipyard spray sandblasting treatment production workshop applications. When applying galvanized Steel Scaffolding Plank, the seamless steel pipe for building steel scaffolding can be moderately reduced, enhancing the building efficiency. The price is relatively low, many years of scrapping still recycling 35%-40% of the project investment and other advantages.

The above is about the characteristics and advantages of galvanized Steel Scaffolding Plank in construction. If you need more detailed information, welcome to contact us!

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