Scaffolding equipment suppliers take you through 5 tips to extend the life of scaffolding materials
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With the development of society, scaffolding can be seen not only in the construction field but also in other fields that involve high load-bearing. However, it is not surprising that certain scaffolding parts break prematurely as scaffolding is subjected to various weights daily. It pays to invest in a high-quality scaffolding system to avoid premature scaffolding wear. You should also pay attention to good protection against corrosion, such as galvanization. Combined with regular maintenance checks of the scaffolding material, you can use it for a long time. As professional scaffolding equipment suppliers, we have compiled some tips for you to further extend the service life of scaffolding.

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(1) Protect your scaffolding components from moisture.

A good quality scaffold can certainly withstand rain and moisture easily. However, this doesn't help much with durability. In particular, long-term water-sensitive scaffolding components, such as boards, nuts, and screws, should be protected from moisture and kept as dry as possible. This way, you can use them for a long time.

(2) Stack scaffolding materials correctly.

It is easy to be careless about this part. Incorrectly stacking scaffolding material for a long time can make it deformed or bent, thus greatly affecting its service life. If you want to get something out of the material for a long time, ensure your team is trained in properly handling and maintaining scaffolding materials. Even small tips can ensure that you can use scaffolding material for a long time.

(3) Replace damaged materials early.

Even the best scaffolding materials are subject to the ravages of time. If you find damaged scaffolding components, replace them as soon as possible. Not only will it pose a safety risk to you and your team, but it will also damage other scaffolding components that are still intact.

(4) Clean scaffolding materials before each storage.

Clean scaffolding materials not only look better, they last longer. Dirt, paint residue, concrete, or the like can quickly hide material damage that must be repaired before the next use. In addition, regular cleaning will prevent you from storing scaffolding materials that contain moisture.

(5) Apply penetrating solution to nuts and bolts.

All moving and removable parts (such as nuts and bolts) should always be in good working order to avoid compromising your safety. They may also cause damage to the rest of the scaffold material if not properly maintained. To prevent this, you can use a penetrating fluid. This will prevent rusting and jamming of moving parts.

These are five tips for extending the life of scaffolding materials. If you need more detailed information, please come and contact us!

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